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It is 2018- a new age where you take technology or it takes you, and it’ll take you fast! The business environment is one that evolves with every new day, as competitors continually find ways to outdo one another for expansion of market gains. As a key player in this fast-paced system, a priority of your business should be to keep in touch with your prospective consumers, since your growth and survival in the business world is contingent on their continuous patronage of your services. Business growth here means finding ways to expand access to your business, especially with consideration of modern trends via a multi-faceted digitized approach.

The scope of social media is endless and is the most interactive medium for humans at present. Social media provides the most accessible, the widest base of connectivity for on-the-go businesses, to reach out to limitless consumers.

The aim of using technology for commercialization is to bridge the gap between consumers and you, the entrepreneur. More often than not, consumers go searching for options from which they can patronize, after determining which suits their preferences. Note that these preferences are informed by (though not limited to) accessibility of the service and convenience. By bringing your business to consumers via social media, you increase their tendency to patronize your services, since they are subtly appealed by the convenience you present. And this is a threat to even relatively larger businesses, since prospective customers will find your services more relatable as opposed to the traditional media advertisements, and will feel closer to your business and better placed to trade with you.

Another element you must consider is being reachable. Use social media advertisement platforms to establish better contact with customers who will definitely want to reach you. Most consumers feel far off from producers since they find no medium to contact them directly and often discontinue patronage if they feel too alienated from the products or services. Everyone wants to feel important- its natural human instinct. Play on these cards to appeal to the masses by giving out reachable contacts (email, customer care lines), just to increase comfort. And be sure that those who respond (if not yourself) are well informed about the business, lest you’ll be no different from the many enterprises who consumers do not feel a directly established relationship with. Furthermore be sure to stay active. Many people buy into the narrative that new businesses only rush into social circles with the adrenaline of starting, but die off or drastically ebb along the way.  Keep your waves active so people take your business seriously and set you apart from the lot.

You could start out with your circle of friends. Let them know about your initiative and tap into their social circles as well. Build a network base from the ground-up using such media; one that you can call your very own and who can vouch for you on any day and will unconsciously aid in growing your business.

And before you think it’s too much to deal with, note that digital spaces are open to everyone, and your immediate competitors aren’t out for jokes either- take it or be taken!


Solomon Omani-Mensah

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