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The Support a Business Campaign

The #supportabusiness campaign was launched by The Pitch Hub (TPH) in July 2020. The aim of the campaign was to aid young entrepreneurs to increase their online visibility and gain more expertise on relevant business strategy to stay competitive in the modern market, especially after being impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The #supportabusiness campaign featured sixteen (16) businesses on all TPH’s social media platforms and provided a personal opportunity to connect the world to their businesses in an Instagram live session to share their unique stories. Beyond this, they also benefited from a free one-on-one business advisory session with TPH consultants to take them through training on essential business skills such as Basic Bookkeeping, Business Communication (Pitching), Content Creation for Digital Marketing, Designing a Sales Funnel and Fundraising Strategies for small businesses.
The campaign has been a success as the 16 businesses featured have recorded increases in their customer base and are better equipped to successfully manage their businesses

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Jude Kwegyir-Aggrey

#Supportabusiness Campaign Project Lead

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Lona Ushering

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Ice Pop Gh

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Stelda Ushering

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Altitude Multimedia

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St. Otiko Bags

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Kitchen 4112 Foods

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Hair Clique

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Silver Brooks

lona 8

Keenoz Apparel

lona 9

DDz Empire

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Priana Multimedia

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Juice Chef

lona 12

Cleaf Art Design

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Nuva Kitchen

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J'AMYS Designs

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Chicrage Tori

I am grateful for the opportunity to be on the #supportabusiness campaign. I learnt a lot about business in general from the various live sessions held. I also got to understand that some problems I was facing in my business were normal as a start up business and it encouraged me to keep pushing. The zoom meetings that followed up on how to keep track of our finances as a business and others were also very educative and Lastly, thank you for the exposure I got some new followers(who I know are my prospective customers or would recommend me to others). Thank you very much Pitch Hub. I would never hesitate to recommend you to a friend."

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-Chelsea Owusu-Nti Owner of Icepop Ghana

It was an amazing experience. Especially when I got to hear from other businesses and how they moved through certain challenges. Their journey and hurdles allowed me to update my business plan, which helped my business scale up. Joining the #supportabusiness campaign also won me some customers. And I’m extremely grateful for that!" .

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- Dominica Abena Oforiwaa Amanfo Manager ChicRage Tori