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The Societe Generale Home of Business(SGHoB)

The Societe Generale Home of Business (SGHoB) is a business support unit by the Societe Generale bank designed to offer business accelerator support for entrepreneurs in Ghana. The initiative brings together holistic services necessary for entrepreneurs at every stage of their business journey. These services are carried out by experts or partner consultants with quality skills and experience ranging from regulatory, business compliance, tax, business planning, fundraising, trade unions among others. The Pitch Hub is a proud partner of the SGHoB offering business planning and business strategy services to entrepreneurs who patronize the unit. Since partnering with the SGHoB in late 2019, The Pitch Hub has supported clients of the SGHoB with well-rounded business plans to help these entrepreneurs structure and raise funding for their businesses.

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Richmond Bennah

SGHoB Project Team Lead

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. I was introduced to the Pitch Hub by SGHoB to help me with a business plan to raise funding for my mushroom farm. At first, I was a bit reluctant to approach them because I know consultants charge quite a hefty amount for quality business plans. Also, considering the amount of money I was seeking to raise, I felt the consultant will charge me a high price for the value of the work. However, when I met Richmond, he patiently took his time to explain to me why I needed a business plan, aside fundraising. He was very professional and showed empathy regarding my business needs. In the end, he mentioned that the Pitch Hub would write my entire business plan for me for free because they wanted to help me grow my business. Finally, when I received the document, I was so excited. The quality was exceptional, and it was well put together. I couldn't believe I got such quality work for free. I recommend Pitch Hub to every start-up entrepreneur who deems the growth of their business a priority. God bless Pitch Hub.

-Rev. Eric Asem Farm Manager, Delabless Organic Farms

I can't begin to thank the Pitch Hub enough for their honesty and professionalism. I contracted the Pitch Hub through the SGHoB to write a business plan for me to raise funding for an inter-city transport business I wanted to launch. The work was so detailed, from the market research to the financials. They also delivered the work on time without any delays. Wow! I still read my business plan regularly because it is not just a formal document to me. It captures the story of my business and where I want it to be in the next few years. It is not just a strategic or fundraising document. It is personal to me because the work was written with such fine quality.

- David Herbert King Managing Director SEV Automative Ghana