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You Need a Mentor, So Do I

At the onset of an activity, we might have explored different perspectives or scopes of that task to become conversant with what we are to do. At times your search for information may reveal to you hidden details that even a mogul of the business may have taken years to learn. Such knowledge inspires confidence and as fallible as we could become, we begin throwing caution to the winds. Knowledge definitely is power, but the power of business transcends mental aptitude. It requires practical intelligence of surviving the field to keep you alive and growing- which is where a lone entrepreneur may falter. You need to learn to take inspiration from an ‘ancestor’ in there. One who will willingly lead you through the early shocks of the terrain, to a point where you can safely be weaned off and left to tackle your fate.

It could be likened to the academic world. Many students with stellar academic credentials walk into the field of work with high expectations, only to find themselves grappling with countless job interviews and dissatisfied bosses. It really goes beyond all the theories you have acculturated overtime. In recent seminars, I have listened firsthand to a couple of prospective employers, who have openly expressed their weary in dealing with such ‘unrefined’ potential. The utility in taking internships and part-time jobs while schooling, is thus realized. It is essential to be pre-informed on the actual elements that make the engines run, the realities of the highs and lows of business, and also to learn all these from mentors in the field who have survived these episodes and are willing to share them.

But truthfully, it may not be so easy coming by and getting in touch with such people for assistance. It’s a busy world and your would-be mentors wouldn’t just be hanging around doorways waiting to be dragged into some inspirational conversation- they’re everyday workers. Thankfully, a host of opportunities, however, exist to bridge these gaps. Loads of business and academic groups organize seminars on a periodic basis, to invite such mentors for seminars and leadership conferences. They often sound cliché, and the average person may not be so interested to attend. But that’s where you have to be better than the average person if you really want an above-average experience in business or whatever endeavor you’re entering into. People reveal loads of truths and minute details that have contributed to their success stories in such sessions- a thing you hardly get to hear on a usual day. After such events, don’t be in such a hurry to grab a pack of the refreshments being served. Establish networks via such encounters by walking up to and speaking with the mentors on what you desire and how they could be of help. This, of course, is when your art of pitching comes in handy. In a matter of seconds or minutes, give such people reason to identify you as potential and be inclined to aid you. If possible, exchange contacts and get in touch with them as soon as possible for future interactions. You could also sign up with agencies like The Pitch Hub Ghana, who aid young entrepreneurs in business and have network sessions with mentors for inspiring the future magnates of the economy.

Don’t underestimate the need for such networks in your career. Sometimes it takes the storm to throw you off balance before you begin a fruitless search for solace. Don’t be that person.


Solomon Omani-Mensah

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